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The 21st century guide to effectively managing your career - By Bob Clayton
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Career Builder Tools for Finding

the Highest Paying Jobs Available

Mixing traditional, new economy, and sometimes controversial action plans this  career book is a major asset for today's corporate climbers. Insure your success with some of the strongest interview and resume career tools available.

Learn first hand about creative and aggressive career search tools and how to grab some of the best career opportunities available. Manage those tough job interview questions and get great career advice from a proven expert.

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"Combining aggressive marketing with your career planning is the road to ultimate success. The Career Warranty Plan will put you well above your job-seeking competition.  I recommend it to the skies!"
career guide ~ Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
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Don’t confuse job security with career security.  Secure your career path, not just your current employment. Learn the great career building tools including how to write a resume that shines and handling those tough job interview questions and answers. Actively manage and build your career for security and growth and get into some of the best paying jobs available. Bob Clayton is one of the greatest career builders around.
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