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Bob Clayton has enjoyed successful careers with various major U.S. corporations, including some of the best paying careers around.

Right out of college, he started selling commodity industrial components and soon found employment as a regional manager covering a multi-state territory. From there, he moved on to another major corporation where he managed a small division and made strategic new contacts developing his career expertise even more. He found a great career guide and learned how to sound very smart when answering those tough interview questions.

During a job search a couple of years later, he was offered a position as the Business Development Manager for all of Asia. Based in Singapore, he traveled throughout Asia on a regular basis.

Each job opened new doors, created new contacts and networking opportunities and prepared him for moving his career another step higher. He learned how to write a great resume that stood out from the crowd.

Today he enjoys a six figure income and gets frequent calls from both recruiters and competitors wanting to hire him away from his current comfortable position.

In this book, Bob shares his career secrets and gives real life examples of how others have achieved career greatness! From writing an attention grabbing resume to conquering those tough job interview questions, The Career Warranty Plan is a great tool for today’s career builder.


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