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I love talking about career strategies. And, it's interesting to hear the paths successful people have taken to achieve their career goals.

However, there are folks who seem to climb, and those who languish. It's not all office politics. Sometimes, the best way to get ahead is to move on. Position yourself for a move to a new company. With some planning, you can get a promotion and a pay raise just by switching jobs.

One thing I'm a big fan of is the 'mid career break'. This is not just a summer job or vacation.  It can be a tool to advance your experience - and position you for the next level. Here's an example; In the Virgin Islands, there are a shortage of skilled people for all the available health care jobs available. So, they recruit from the Sough Florida market. They will often hire someone at a higher level due to their shortages. And when those nurses go back to Florida a year later, they have the management experience that would normally take a few years to get by staying put and climbing through the ranks.
The same holds true for civil engineering jobs in Singapore, accounting careers in Hong Kong, IT specialists in South America and construction & mining management pros throughout asia. The list of career opportunities is endless.
Find a career coach to help you make it happen.

The Career Warranty Plan will give you the insight in how to grow your career many ways. Don't just settle for what happens - make something great happen.


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